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Surgical slicing or healthy healing..!

Saturday, June 09, 2018
By Robert Clements

It was sad seeing my huge German-Shepherd dog, whimpering in pain. His ear had got infected, so with cotton swab, antiseptic cream and warm water in plastic mug, I slowly and laboriously started cleaning it, holding his head lovingly against me, before putting soothing medication, and adding a few drops of a pain killer! My dog looked up at me, he usually allows me to touch his wounds, and I imagined what he was asking me with those brown pleading eyes, “What are you doing master, what are you thinking off? Just cleaning my ear? Treating my wound, or what?”

I touched his beautiful, handsome head and whispered, “I’m thinking of a healed ear!”

I pondered on the imaginary conversation I’d just had and thought of doctors or surgeons looking down in the operating theatre at their patients. Were they only thinking of cutting, slicing and surgically removing some infected part inside? Or did they see a healed patient?

Or the patient; did he or she as she was wheeled in, think fearfully of the surgery, or happily, of being fit and whole again?

What do you think of your morning workout? As a tiresome exertion, or you see a physically fit future you in the mirror?

And as I pondered on such, and put my crude implements, I’d used for my dog, away, I thought of leaders of nations, as they started doing dramatic and drastic things; did they see a nation in turmoil or a people happily living with each other in peace? Does our Modi, see his policies of Hindutva, of one nation, one religion, really leaving the whole of India happy? Is his concentration too much on the surgery; his silences, his slicing election speeches, and less on the healing?

And then there’s Trump; isolating America, not with a surgical scalpel but with butcher’s knife, as he, leader of the most powerful country on earth, with the power to bring peace to the whole world, instead, with furrowed head, bends over his repulsive, revolting, rotten tweets!

My dog, walked away from me, and in his eyes, I saw gratefulness for what I’d done. He knew he was on his way to healing. Are we also sure of that as we look at all we and our leaders are doing? It’s time you and I raised our eyes and help raise theirs too, from surgical slicing and segmenting and separating, to simple, soothing healing..!

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