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Stop the sewage

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

THIRTEEN billion litres of sewage flows into the Ganga every day. Billions of different kinds of germs grow in them. Those who are expected to keep Ganga clean know about such disturbing facts. No effort is made to make the Ganga water pure. A lot of money, crores, goes down the Ganga but it remains permanently unclear. Millions bathe in the Ganga every day and make it impure. People, believing that after death, if they are floating in the waters of the Ganga, they go straight to heaven, throw dead bodies into the river. The bodies can be seen quite often, floating in the river. People, in the name of religion, spread lies and make good.

The government does spend money to clean the Ganga. The money spent, however, has no effect on the river. It remains as dirty as ever. The government itself takes interest in cleaning up the river, but in no time at all the river is dirty as ever. Just the sewage, as much as 13 billion litres, goes into the river everyday. On the banks of the river, there are industrial units that turn out dirty sewage. Instead of stopping them, more industrial units are given permission to fill Ganga with dirt. The big question arises why are the industrial units along the bank not stopped, from making other things, such as sewage treatment plants. The truth is there is no will on the part of the government to keep Ganga clean.

There must be some reason why the government is keen about keeping Ganga clean. It is possible a flourishing racket is going on. If genuine effort had been made with the money spent on Ganga so far, there would have been some results. It is a fact that keeping Ganga clean is a highly costly business. With crores of people involved with Ganga, it should have bene possible to keep the river clean. it is not too late even now. Shut down all industrial units on the river banks and stop the sewage.

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