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Shiv Bakht on a yatra

Saturday, September 08, 2018

IT was only recently - at the time of Gujarat elections - the great revelation came that Rahul Gandhi was a 'Shiv Bakht'. That was when Rahul Gandhi went campaigning for Congress candidates. He went round temples, met sadhus and 'gurus', proclaiming all the while he was a Hindu. He had to make this fact known, so he could attract voters to his side. Actually since then, Rahul Gandhi must have realised the benefits of being a Hindu and given to the electorate his Hindutwa. Rahul Gandhi must have calculated the benefits of being a Hindu and whenever he has to do poll campaign, he becomes a 'Shiv bhakt'. There are unkind folks who says he is no 'Shiv bhakt'. There were people who thought he was a Catholic.

People say he went to Mansarovar to provide proof once again of beng a 'Shiv bhakt'. For a pretty long time now, he is not going to give up the Hindu garb. Indira Gandhi married a Colaba Parsi, but there is no record of her going to any Parsi 'agiari'.

For Rahul Gandhi going to Mansarovar must have been a political decision. He must have realised, in India, it pays to be religious. He  almost had a secular image.
It would not have been difficult to think of Rahul Gandhi on a pilgrimage to Mansarovar before. There was an association of danger along with the Mansarovar yatra. He had asked the Chinese government to provide him security. The Chinese government refused promptly. Did he think the pilgrimage to Mansarovar along routes across mountains unsafe? His ego must have been hurt a bit when the Chinese turned down his request for security? Did the Chinese think he was a small fry? It is clear Rahul Gandhi wants the 'Hindu' tag very much now. We are likely to see him as a Hindu politician and a 'Shiv Bhakt'. The 'yatra' must have helped him change and become a complete 'Shiv Bhakt'.

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