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Reserved Republic of India...!

Saturday, January 12, 2019
By Robert Clements

“Sir, you have come back to us? The last time we saw you was in 2014! Is there some new dream you want us to manufacture this time sir?”

“Yes, the last time I came to your Dream Factory, I got a very successful dream from you. It was brilliant!”

“Yes, sir, wasn’t it the ‘15 Lakhs in every Bank Account Dream?”

“Absolutely brilliant! It worked like a dream and got me what I wanted!”

“Then why have you come back sir?”

“ (Sigh) The people have realized it was only a dream! Is there some dream you can manufacture, some clever dream, which sounds like a fantasy, something so silly and stupid, which will fool the people again?”

“Do come back after two days sir, while we manufacture something for you!”

And so, after two days: “Welcome sir! We have the best dream any dream factory could have ever created! In one stroke you will have the whole country getting the impossible!”

“No, no I can’t put anything in their bank accounts, even five rupees is impossible!”

“Don’t worry sir, just tell us what everyone is fighting for?”


“Brilliant! So, we give them just that!”

 “What? Every citizen gets a reservation?”

“Well almost everyone sir!” Ninety five percent!”

“Incredible! It’s the great Indian dream! But, however can I do that?”

“Come in sir, let us have a cup of tea. We serve the most delicious Gujarati tea here, and then our team will tell you how almost every voter will become part of a reservation they’ve dreamt to be part of!”

“It sounds better than the last one of 15 lakhs in everyone’s pocket?”

“Ah sir here what’s clever is that ninety- five percent of the people will try to squeeze themselves to get a mere 10% of reservations in schools, colleges and jobs! But what’s brilliant about it?”

“That they will love being called Reserved! Wonderful, we can even change our name to the Reserved Republic of India! But with 50% of everything given for the reserved and now a 10% more, what about the balance 40%?”

“You mean 40% of the economy made up of business deals, government contracts, international orders, trade agreements? That sir, will go to your friends making up the balance 5%! I believe sir, you’ve done that already in defense contracts!”

“Let’s go for it!”

And they did..!

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