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Thursday, June 07, 2018

If Dalai Lama visits any of the disputed area on the border between China and India, China lodges immediate objection. There are areas along this border which China claims as its own. The two countries have decided not to go to war over the disputed territories. It is asking for instance, a corridor through Nepal. Why does China want it? Our prime minister had to go to Nepal recently and tell the authorities there that India is first and foremost attached to Janaki mata's Nepal. Now our PM has asked for a luxury bus between Nepal and India.

The fact is China has not stopped trying to grab territories on the border which, it claims, belong to it.

On most of the disputed areas, not a blade of grass grows. As a military objective, however, they attract attention. Neither China nor India has grabbed these areas. The British left them to China and India when they went away from India. Why China wants these areas is not known. Nothing grows there and it is far from congenial for living. Perhaps China, obsessed with the idea of dominating the world wants whatever territory which can be used for military purposes. It must have given huge financial support to Nepal but we have Seetha mata who was born in Nepal to help us. Nepal cannot let down Seetha mata.

China has accepted peaceful negotiations with regard to disputes over territories along the long border. However, we can never tell. China may change its border policy and attack India. There are for instance, couple of territories which China has been claiming as its own.

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