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Misunderstanding over 'autonomy' issue

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

INDIA's interlocutor in Kashmir Mr. D. Sharma who has gone there to discuss issues connected with article 370 or any other subject does not seem to have covered much ground. Kashmiri leaders are evincing some interest in the matter following the "discovery" of the word "autonomy" in the article of the agreement. Quite a few leaders of Kashmir including Farooq Abdulla seem to have decided the word "autonomy" clearly indicates freedom and separate rule for Kashmir. India does not agree and has sent its representative to hold discussions with the Kashmir leaders. The Hurriyat leaders do not seem to want to have any discussion with the India's representative. Evidently, they suspect some trick on the part of the Indian representative. They firmly believe in azadi and they do not want any further discussion. And they firmly believe "autonomy" means total right to rule. They are not ready to listen to any other expectation. Top leaders like Abdullah and Omar may politely receive the representative, but they stick to their views firmly.

There is a view that India need not have agreed to have any discussion article 370. India can never agree to accepting the meaning of "autonomy" as self-rule. Meanwhile in Kashmir, a section is targeting some men of the ruling class. They are just eliminating them. Quite a few PWP members of the legislature have been eliminated during the last few weeks.

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