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Many rape cases unreported

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

WHY do people commit the crime of rape? What is unbelievable is that there are people for whom a rape is not a crime at all. It is said that there are quite a few men for whom it is a physiological need. It is not normal sex but then there is quite a big number of people who are psychologically far from normal. So long as such people are there, rape cases occur. We wonder why rape cases are taking place in a large number. It can take place in the same place again and gain.

For the police, rape is a crime committed daily. It can happen at any time and place. The police are doing quite good work, but they have not been able to minimise the crime. The police, in fact, are giving good support for women but the help usually reaches the women after the act. And there is the police which advise after the dusk women must not venture out. There is police advice that women must go out fully covered. The number of rape case, however keeps growing. There is absence of use of psychology and that keeps the number higher.

There is something peculiar in this branch of crime. Psychology is involved and hence it is difficult to spot it. In a year thousands of cases of rape are reported and there does not seem to be any chance of the number coming down. And quite a large number of them are not reported.

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