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Make it a life term

Saturday, November 03, 2018

At last, the government has decided to give strong punishment to those who adulterate food. Just now, adulteration is going on a large scale. Almost all articles of food are adulterated. Quite often, people do not know they consume adulterated food. Those who commit the crime, have got a lucrative job on hand. Most people do not know that they keep buying adulterated food. Adulteration is done in an expert manner. They are eating adulterated food without knowing that, they are doing so. In cities like Mumbai, eople are not aware when they are eating good food or not. A large number of people are doing this extra, paying business. The criminals, if found are prepared to go for a few months to jail.

Chances are very soon, adulteration will be considered as a major crime. Those convicted might face life term – all their life to be spent in jail.

This was a measure which should have been taken long time ago. It has become clear to the authorities that unless punishment becomes hard, adulteration cannot be checked.

At present, those guilty are booked for six months and one year. And the offence is bailable. No wonder adulteration has become a big crime. There should be no bail at all. Nobody bothers much about spending six months in jail. There can be big business in this industry. It could be combined crime by a group. It is difficult to see why for a long time, aduleration attracted such light punishment.

The adulterators are poisoning food, poisoning people. It is a wonder how their horrible crime want for a long while as deserving of light punishment.

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