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Love and Hate Grow Together

Wednesday, October 10, 2018
By Osho

Negative and positive moods  both develop together. If you want to be very, very happy, side by side the capacity to be very, very unhappy will develop. If you want that the negative should not develop, then you have to cut the positive also. You have been taught not to be angry, but if you are not capable of being angry, compassion will suffer. Then you will not be able to be compassionate. You have been taught not to hate, but love will suffer, you will not be able to love -- and this is the dilemma.

Love and hate grow together. In fact, they are not two things. Language gives you the wrong impression. We should not use the words 'love' and 'hate', we should use lovehate; it is one word. There should not even be a hyphen between them because that too will show that they are two, but bridged somehow. They are one! Light darkness, they are one; lifedeath, they are one. This has been the whole problem for the human mind. If love grows, the capacity to hate also grows.

So there are only two possibilities: either allow the hate to grow with love, or, kill love along with hate. And hitherto, the second alternative has been chosen. All the religions have chosen the second alternative: hate has to be cut -- even at the cost of love, hate has to be cut, anger has to be cut. So they all go on preaching love and they all go on saying, 'Don't hate.' Their love becomes phoney; it is just talk

Life cannot exist with one pole, it needs two poles together: the negative and the positive electric poles, the man and the woman. Can you conceive of a world with only man? It would be a dead world.

Nothing is wrong in hate if it is part of love. This is my teaching. Nothing is wrong in anger if it is part of compassion  -- it is beautiful. Wouldn't you like Buddha to be angry with you? It would be something like a blessing, a benediction; Buddha angry with you! In the greater whole of compassion, anger also becomes beautiful; it is absorbed.

Grow in love and let hate also grow; let it be part of your love. I tell you not to put love against hate. I tell you to love with hate, and there will be a transfiguration, a transformation of the energy. Your hate will be so beautiful; it will have the same quality as love. Sometimes one has to be angry. And if you are really in compassion, you use anger for your compassion.

Always remember that the polarity is there -- how to give it a harmony? The old way was to cut them apart: drop hate and try to be loving without hate. Then love becomes phoney because the energy is not there. And you are so afraid of love because the hate will grow immediately. Afraid of hate growing, love is also suppressed. Then you talk about love but you don't really love. Then your love becomes just a talk, a verbal thing, not alive and existential.

I am not saying to go and hate. I am saying to love, grow in love, and of course hate will grow with it. Don't be worried about it. You go on growing in love and the hate will be absorbed by love. Love is so great that it can absorb hate. Compassion is so vast, that a little bit of anger can be absorbed by it. It is good. Really, compassion without anger will be like food without salt. It will not have the salt, the energy in it. It will be tasteless, stale.

Of course, the negative will always grow with the positive. For example, if there exists a society which says, 'The left side of your body is wrong, so don't allow it to grow; only the right side of the body is right, so let the right side of the body grow and the left side of the body has to be suppressed, cut completely,' what will happen? Either you will become a cripple,  or you will become a hypocrite. You will hide your left side and you will say that you only have the right side. And you will always hide the left side somewhere.

My message is: love is great, so great that you need not bother about hate. Be great! Rise to your ultimate height; don't remain pigmies. If you remain pigmies you will always be complaining against God, because how can you feel fulfilled? Rise to your height and don't be afraid. The negative will rise with you; it is beautiful. The negative is part, complementary, but the negative should be part of the positive. It has to be because it is negative. A negative cannot become the whole, and the positive cannot become a part of the negative. This has to be understood.

Yoga: The Science of the Soul/Osho Times International/Courtesy Osho International Foundation/

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