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India’s projects on Chinese border

Thursday, October 12, 2017

THERE should never be any sort of conflict with China again. India should go all out to be friendly with China. This is going to be easy. China has also made up its mind to maintain friendship with India. India has now decided to take up small projects along the border that separates the two countries. Obviously China has no objections. We too must help China to begin small projects. And the border can be the place for trade exchanges.

Both the countries were on a wrong course. China had huge interests to enter into close contact with India and yet it was on a confrontation course with India. What was China fighting for? Not a blade of grass grows along the border. Why does either China nor India want the border? Being friendly gets huge advantages. Just for the possibility of having a big chance for huge trade, China and India must remain permanent friends. We have to build for prosperity and peace. India cannot do without peace. It is a growing country.

There are many other advantages. Indian pilgrims can cross pilgrim centers in China. In fact, India and China can start many joint, mutually beneficial projects in each other’s country.

The whole scenario in South-East has changed since the two countries have found a permanent, united front. And this has helped both countries, to achieve progress and prosperity.

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