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Horrible rapes in the country

Saturday, April 14, 2018

THEY have sent a shock wave across India. They were all gang rapes. The gang rape of an eight-year -old girl has finally led to the conclusion everywhere something should be done about it. Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti was so moved she has made a quick move. She has announced that the only way out is to award death to anyone who rapes and murders. The way the 8-year-old girl was handled has petrified the nation. The 8-year-old was gangraped by five men. They had no pity for the tender child. They behaved like monsters. And finally when they were satisfied they did not let her go. That would be dangerous for their life. Evidently they did not want to take any chances. They murdered the poor shattered child with her own choli.

What was quite funny was there was objection to any arrest of the criminals. There was a strange demand the monsters should be let off. But in both places of crime, the police have done a good job.

The police have to establish their campaign against rapists. Mufti of Kashmir has made a strong statement: Death for rape and murder. It has become clear that unless heavy punishment is given, the monstrous crime cannot be controlled. In all parts of the country, rape cases have increased. And what is to be noted is also that there are now more cases of gangrape happening. Monsters are committing horrible crimes and getting away with them.

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