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Horrible health care in UP hospitals

Thursday, September 07, 2017

NOW everything has come out in the open. The authorities and the public know which are the hospitals in which children are dying like flies. The UP government defends itself and produces explanations. It claims steps have been taken to control the situation. Changes have been made in the hospitals and clean and adequate supplies of oxygen have been secured. Irregularities in hospitals in Gorakhpur and Jodhpur have been removed.

But only a few days ago, 45 children died in a another hospital. Some improvement might have been made with regard to the supply of oxygen, but it is clear there is something wrong in the running of the hospitals.

The Yogi government has not been able to ensure proper management of hospitals.

The conclusion is unavoidable that the government has failed to undertake proper measures. When asked for explanation, the Yogi government attests the government has taken the necessary steps. If this is so, why are hospitals continuing to receive impure oxygen supplies? Why do irregularities - mostly hidden - inside the hospitals continue? Why do the deaths occur only in some of these hospitals again and again?

Even after the government has spent money since the first time when 63 children died in the Gorakhpur hospital, the situation has not improved. Obviously the government must have chased the wrong targets.

Maybe the Yogi government is not to blame. The Mulayam and Akhilesh governments (SP government) must have had a horrible health care situation and it must have all spilled over to the Yogi's BJP government.

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