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High cost of medicines

Saturday, July 15, 2017

THE cost of medicines keeps going beyond the reach of millions in the country. Some life-saving medicines can be bought by the very rich only because the price, it has been found, has gone up nine times.

Why is this happening? According to a private investigation, a racket in this regard is doing the rounds. Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and doctors have joined together and fix prices of medicines. Not all drugs cost nine times more: a large number of them cost twice or three or four times more. The three sources which control the prices assess the situation and fix prices of drugs. The cost of every medicine has gone up. They have good arrangements with one another end they are in a good position to extract more from hapless patients who have no go but to pay up. Since the plan - the racket - helps them make some easy money, they are happy to contribute and help increase the cost.

What is a matter of concern is that the government is not doing anything about it. It appears to have chosen not to awaken to the worsening situation.
The government can see it happening all around, but yet it has not initiated any action. It is the government which can do something about it. People are undergoing great hardships thanks to the high cost of medicine, and they expect some strong action by the government to end the racket.

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