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Ever changing Farooq

Monday, November 13, 2017

THE solution offered by Farooq Abdulla for dealing with the Kashmir problem appears to keep changing. Only a few months ago, he had said that China could intervene and find a solution to the Kashmir problem. Now he says the United States also must intervene, and produce a joint solution for Kashmir along with the United States. He has  frequently changing solutions to the Kashmir problem. And then, on the separatist front in Kashmir also, he has changing solutions. He tells Indian home minister Rajnath Singh he should not keep separatists in Kashmir in house arrest. This would lead to unrest. The home minister must not give up dialogue with the separatists. They are not violent folks. They believe in peaceful solutions. And he says "Now I am with them."

The Centre feels it difficult to deal with him. Some of his views are clearly anti-national. He has held government jobs both at the Centre and in Kashmir. Sometimes, he is  harshly critical of India. He has no definite policy with regard to political or economic subjects. And if necessary, he contradicts himself. Personally he does not seem to be religious. Home minister Rajnath, no wonder, finds it difficult to deal with him.

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