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Deaths continue in Gorakhpur

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

IT looks like the children are not coming there to receive treatment and to recover, but to die. Patients have been coming to the hospitals at Gorakhpur in Yogi's Uttar Pradesh and within a short time they die. A couple of days ago as many as 16 children died with 24 hours' arrival at the hospital. A short time ago, 63 kids died breathing impure oxygen supplied by the hospital. The deaths occurred all at once together. The latest deaths occurred also together - within 48 hours. The deaths are due, it is claimed, due to encephalitis but this is not believed by some who still think the deaths are due to deadly services.

The big question arises why is the hospital  not closed? There are medical colleges there and that perhaps is the reason why the hospitals are still run. The place has acquired a bad name and people are afraid to go there. In fact, it is reported ordinary patients avoid going to the hospital. In each of the hospitals, every year, there are over 300 deaths. Even today it is stated that the hospital management is bad. An objectionable thing that is going on there is private practice by doctors. An effort has been made to stop it, but it is still going on there. What is lacking is strict control at the hospital and hence those who manage to get there are able to start harmful activities.

The hospital are needed there because of the medical education that goes on in the colleges.

All over India, colleges are run along with hospitals. It should be possible to do so also in Gorakhpur also if CM Yogi gets proper control of colleges and hospitals there and takes a personal interest in them.

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