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Contracts for road repairs

Monday, June 11, 2018

FLOODS occured in Mumbai on the very first day the rains came. There were dozens of roads in the city which were water logged. The yearly happening took place even when it was announced the sitaution has become better.

And before the rains, it had been announced the situation was under control There would be no flooding. The source of the announcement was the municipality itself.

Citizens who knew about the annual happening were not certain. They were right. On some roads, there was hip deep water. And there was another grave doubt, were all the manholes closed?

Conclusion: The road work done through the year was poor. A few showers and in several places, it was seen a lot of work had yet to be done.

The road contractors begin the work late. They do not begin it as soon as the rains are over for the year. The road contractors have their own ways of doing things. Road repairs begin much after the rain stops. It is not known why the delay occurs. The municipality gives the work to a party and forgets about it. A lot of money is involved. A contractor's firm does not get the contract again but there is a way of getting it back. The road contractor has to close down his company, start another and apply in a new name. He gets it all back again. The defaulted company is out and a new name is ushered in again. They all know the secret ways of being in the business again.

There is work to be done on city roads all through the year. Cracks appear on it all through the year. Sometimes, cracks appear not later than a couple of months.

The BMC has been trying hard to implement the required changes. It is up against unhelpful forces. The main culprits perhaps are the road contractors. Can a complete change in their working be made? The municipality must make it very tough to get a road contract.

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