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Changing face of Kashmir violence

Thursday, November 09, 2017

THE attacks by terrorists in Kashmir are not just on the army, but also  on the  leaders of local parties. During the last couple of months, over a dozen PWP and BJP ministers have been killed by terrorists.

Stone pelting has resumed on a bigger scale than before. Pakistan's men are also coming into the valley and carrying out attacks. Local politicians are being targeted. Prominent leaders exposed to danger are leaders like Farooq Abdulla and his son Omar. The Indian army is extending its protection to them. What is amazingly seen is that Hurriyat leaders are not attacked. They have escaped the attention of the new group of local attacks. The men in these groups are neither with the leaders in the government nor with Pakistan. Several new local factions keep coming up and they seem to have different plans and programmes. Those who are engaged in tackling violence in Kashmir have difficult work to do. For India, the enemy's face keeps changing and tackling the confusing chaotic situation becomes more difficult. No wonder then in the situation prevailing there, stone pelting has been reviewed. It is not Pakistan's dalals who are distributing money they get from Pakistan to the youth. No wonder the overall situation in Kashmir is the same as before - with violence continuing in the same way as it was six months ago.

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