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Build toilet or no free rice

Monday, May 14, 2018
Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi is evidently very keen about the poor making their own toilet facilities. She believes in prime minister's cleanliness slogan 'Swachh Bharat' and wants the poor to build their own toilets. Perhaps, a threat could make them build toilets, and so she promptly issued an order asking the poor to build their own toilets and not wait for any local authority to do so. She threatened to punish those who do not build toilets. The poor, of course, could not do so because they did not have a fraction of the money needed to build toilets.
She did not think that the centre would raise objections to Kiran Bedi's order. Why can't they build toilets?, she asked. The place had begun to stink as for days the waste was not removed as the toilets were not built. It was a government order and Kiran Bedi must have been fed up. Her order was not carried out by the poor. And then, not much later, another order from the government came: No need to build toilets. 
What was hurting in the order, was that a punishment was included. Those who did not build toilets, would be given punishment. No toilet, no free rice. If only the poor build toilets, free rice will be available to them. Finally, Kiran Bedi dropped the order. It dawned on her at last that the poor had no money to build a toilet and that services to the poor had to be provided by the government. The poor must have been grateful that wisdom dawned on her at last and she withdrew the order. It is strange that it did not occur to her that the poor did not have any money to buy the required land and for buying building materials. To respect the poor and to spend the money which they do not have, was too much. Fortunately, wisdom dawned on her quite soon and she withdrew the order. 
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