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At the LoC

Saturday, October 07, 2017

WHY does Pakistan keep shelling different areas along the LoC frequently. It poses a big danger to people who live there. Only recently, firing took place seven times in just 48 hours. Poonch is one of the areas where  provocative shelling takes place. India returns the fire whenever necessary but it has started thinking whether it would be advisable to once and for all silence the fire. LoC is the line where the two sides keep a watch and ensure that no crossing takes place. Pakistan however has become a source of nuisance increasingly. On occasions, India has crossed the border and taken the
enemy on. If at all any territorial claim can be made, it can only be by India. Pakistan has seized part of Kashmir and is sitting on it. With even Chinese help, Pakistan will not get any part of Kashmir more. There are new developments in the relations between China and India. There was a time when China would have aided Pakistan in getting part of Kashmir. That is no longer the case. China has become friendly with India now. It will not do anything against India. Pakistan can see clearly that the LoC is of no help to it. Except for carrying out provocative exercises, it does not help. Pakistan can see clearly that maintaining the LoC - keeping firing on - is just a routine affair producing no results.

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