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Suma Varughese has the 'write' lines

Friday, April 13, 2018

Former editor of Life Positive magazine, author and writing coach, Suma Varughese, is on a high. After having taken her writing workshop ‘The Zen of Good Writing’ to all the major cities of India, she returns to her home base Mumbai with a workshop on April 15. Why is the workshop so quaintly titled, we ask. Says the spiritually-inclined Suma: “I encourage people to write from the heart, from the unique space and reality that they come from. The style of writing I advocate has more to do with depth, passion and insight and is less about style per se. I teach people to operate from the self-awareness of their inner spaces.” The workshop is a one-day course, with a one month follow up of practical training over WhatsApp with each batch having about 20-40 participants. Says Suma: “There are practically all ages present. I even have kids of 12 years who join up. In fact, I have discovered that kids who have a flair for writing really catch on fast at that age and are a sheer delight to train.” The workshop which also teaches self-awareness techniques has been in operation for the last three years and arose from Suma’s deep desire to travel and to teach her skills to those who were willing to learn. “I had to work on myself considerably before commencing the workshop, as I used to be quite reactive and one can’t afford to be so when one is teaching,” she says. Incidentally, Suma says she will be holding her workshops on April 28 and June 10 as well, in Thane and Mumbai city respectively.

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