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Shirley Bose on Positivity 2.0

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Far too much is perhaps bandied about nowadays about the forces of good vs evil yet on a day-to-day basis one is sometimes unable to clearly distinguish between the two. So, we caught up with well-known tarot card reader Shirley Bose to understand what the occult considers as the difference between good and evil. Bose, who is known for her reassuring manner and the confidence she imparts to those who come for reading, says that’s it’s only natural for her to be empathetic since most people come to her in times of distress. Says Shirley: “A positive person displays positivity in thought, word and deed which inspires good fortune in their lives. Negative emotions such as anger take one on a downward spiral and invite misfortune.” Which, she says doesn’t mean that we have to put up with others’ misbehaviour towards us – but we can firmly stave them off without losing our tempers. “The main thing is that we should live true to ourselves and simultaneously we ought to try to do the right thing  -- i.e. the thing right by our awareness, by our wisdom.” Well then, what would the wrong thing be, we ask. “The wrong thing in any given situation would be to be vindictive, to be nasty, to create problems for others, to gossip, to get involved in office politics or even turn one person against the other in our homes etc.” Incidentally Shirley recommends meditation for those who want to turn their lives around and the technique she advocates is simply awareness of one’s breath. “We have to work on ourselves one thought at a time, day after day, until we achieve a predominantly positive mindset,” is what Shirley says.

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