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Rajiv Singh is aiming to make our country safer

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

There’s been a recent incident in the news about the Indian BrahMos engineer in Nagpur, Nishant Agarwal, having been arrested for spying for Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that our government needs to protect its citizens on many fronts. Just as the country’s borders and citizens are protected by the defence forces – army, navy and air force – the nation’s cyberspace also needs to be carefully guarded. Especially cyberspace that is connected to essential infrastructure like oil and gas, the power sector, banks, telecom and ports etc. We may not be aware hostile countries and elements constantly seek to penetrate the nation’s cyber operations on essential infrastructure and bring down its economy, says Rajiv Singh. Rajiv is a global security head at a private sector IT company that aids the government in its fight against cybercriminals. Says Rajiv: “The information of 50 million users was recently compromised on Facebook. Even WhatsApp can be easily breached by hackers. The fact is that everybody’s online information is readily accessible to hackers. So how do you ensure that the citizens are kept secure? And how can a country protect itself in cyberspace against its enemies?” One answer to that is by installing a strong protective network of highly skilled cyber professionals who will be able to prevent a hacking attack by studying patterns of hackers. These professionals also need to be trained on how, in the event of an attack, to detect the hacking in time, while responding and limiting the damage it may cause. Alliances between cybersecurity organisations worldwide can help mitigate, to some extent, the threat that countries and organisations face globally. But what’s even more necessary is for young people, trained in technology, to use their skills not just to promote business operations but to help against hackers. Says Rajiv: “We’re hoping more and more young people in our country will join the cybersecurity industry which is the need of the hour. We see a lot of potential among the youthful population to join in this fight to protect the country online.” Makes us wonder if such professionals might be considered the cyber defence forces of the country?

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