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Let men be men

Friday, January 12, 2018

There had to be a backlash to #MeToo. Whenever anything is overdone, it gets undone. With #MeToo, women were rushing out of the woodwork to report the sexual misdemeanors of men. Whilst nobody is condoning violence and molestation, taking offence to everything is not warranted either.

The very nature of the male-female equation lends itself to flirtatious banter, much of it utterly harmless and amusing.

Catherine Deneuve, that smouldering Hollywood siren, has spoken up. She says sexual freedom is a prerequisite for our age and men must “be allowed to hit on women”. According to her, it was utterly puritanical to make a big fuss if a man tries to flirt with a lady or woo her, as long as no rape or violence is involved.

Deneuve is one of 100 French women, including writers, performers and academics, who have written an open letter condemning feminists for carrying on a “witch-hunt” against sexual freedom.

Trust French women to come forth and do their own thing. They are among the most chic and emancipated of women, and your Diarist has long admired French women for their intellectual poise, their immaculate grooming and their innate style. And whether one agrees with them entirely or not, one has to say that they do have a point!

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