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Jerry Pinto and his Dubai hotel room

Friday, April 13, 2018

Jerry Pinto, poet, author, journalist and teacher of the English language writes on issues that are close to the urban Mumbaikar’s heart. Recently Jerry stayed at the plush Crowne Plaza hotel in Dubai and penned an amusing poem dedicated to his hotel room, which could well be the story of you and me. We reproduce extracts from the poem which was published in Freeman’s, the distinguished literary journal, based in New York:

“I love my hotel room.
It was not designed for me, I know.
It was designed for a tired businessman with sacks of dollars, a Saluki and two mistresses.
It is puzzled by me and I by it.
It wants to know why I am not watching the business news.
It wants to know why I have no laptop and no mobile phone, nothing
that will drive me to stand by the window talking to Bill and Bob
And Jon and Ahmed, looking out on Dubai’s nightscape with the unseeing eyes of the cliché.
Room 1654, this is for you.
Room. You are larger than my home.
Room, you offer me a view of the city, a view that spreads out before me like a gold souk.
Room, you cost 1950 dirhams a day, not inclusive of a 10 per cent
municipal tax and a 10 per cent service tax.
Room, I can barely sleep here because I can’t bear to think that I might waste even one dirham of that rental.
Room, your air. It’s cool, it’s clean, it’s air as air can never be but ought to be. I have a cold and running nose now. My system is not used to this.”

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