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Getting the shivers

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mumbai’s official winter is on. And what a pleasant and wonderful time of year it is. While many cities across the world are snowbound and bitterly cold, Mumbai is just perfect. A light stole or jacket in the evenings is all you need. During the day, you are in your normal shirtsleeves, with no need to lug woolies and thick coats around.

This is the best season in Mumbai. No, your Diarist is no fan of the Mumbai monsoon. The rains make everything mucky and icky. The rest of the year it’s sweltering hot, with humidity driving you into a perpetual sweat.

But right now Mumbai is the ideal place to be. No wonder people slot their weddings at this time. It’s fun to dress up and not have to worry about having the heat ruin your hair and make-up, if you are a fashionable lady. For men, too, it’s time to air their best suits and jackets and indulge in some sartorial flair.

But, be warned, this good weather will not last beyond a week or two. Thereafter, all of Mumbai will be huffing and puffing its way through the heat, dust, humidity and grime and wondering what happened to the city’s all too short winter!

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