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The divine rendering

Tuesday, April 04, 2017
By Vijay Shanker

Smitalay presented the Odissi manchpravesh by Aneesha Ramani at the Mysore association auditorium. In her debut performance, Aneesha showed considerable command over the technique and the lyrical style of dancing.

Slim and trim Aneesha Ramani is the disciple of accomplished Odissi exponent, Guru Jhelum Paranjape. Aneesha commenced the performance with the traditional invocatory number known as the Mangalacharan and followed it with Shiva Stuti in praise of the Lord. The Kalavati Pallavi displayed the typical characteristic movements of the Odissi style, forming a fine synthesis of music, melody and dance. Due to enthusiasm and excitement, Aneesha was little hasty in her movements at times but her complete involvement and lively quality in the performance stood out.

In the Oriya Abhinaya number, a composition by bhakti poet Banmali, “Path Chadide Mu Jibi Fula Todi Re Banmali” in which Lord Krishna stops the way of Radha as she is about to pluck flowers, furthermore the poet also narrates the incident when Krishna steals the clothes while Radha and the gopis are having their bath. Radha's pretentious anger convinces Krishna of her true love for the Lord. This number was depicted with pleasing expressions by Aneesha and the music composition was by Pt Bhubaneshwar Mishra with choreography by Pt Kelucharan Mohapatra.

The piece-de-resistance of the evening was Durga wherein the goddess is depicted as the protector and saviour of all mankind and the destroyer of evil. Durga destroys the demon Mahisasur with ten weapons, while the right-hand holds the Trishala, Khadga, Chakra, Bana and Shakti, the left-hand holds the Khetaka, Chapa, Pasha, Ankusha and Ghanta or Parashu. The dramatic quality of the performance was well performed by Aneesha. The musical rendering was by Debasish Sarkar with choreography by Pt Kelubabu. The commendable vocal rendering was by Jiten Sahu.

Besides poet Jayadeva's Shrita Kamala that depicted the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the Saveri Pallavi was another item noteworthy for its precise and elegant movements and the effective syllable rendering by Rohan Dahale, besides playing the Mardala. The number that received applause from the people was the Oriya number Ahe Neela that portrays the Muslim poet who was a devotee of Lord Jagannath but was refused entry to the temple. His devotion pays off as he is cured of leprosy due to divine intervention. Aneesha enacted the suffering quite well and concluded her lively performance with Moksha.

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