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The Dating Game

Tuesday, August 01, 2017
By Deepa Gahlot

Talli Tuesday captures the minefield of romance, when old rules have changed and new ones change every day.

Amitosh Nagpal's inspiration is the popular dating app Tinder, that allows people to interact with others, chat, figure out compatibility and decide whether to just hook-up or take things forward.

As with any blind date, the two who decide to meet offline do not know what to expect. Everyone's online profile is perfect and their picture makes them look like movie stars, while reality may be just the opposite.

Nagpal's fictional app is called Talli Tuesday and people meet their dates at a bar of the same name. Booze does strange things to people and for those with romantic aspirations, the initial meeting can turn into a nightmare, as the nerdy guy (Vishwas Kini) finds out when he meets a girl (Nora Fatehi), who can only be described as a ‘psycho chick.’

A husband (Maneesh Verma) and his wife (Neelima Sharma) carry on what looks like a routine marital quarrel, in a new environment; these two perhaps are a ‘fastforward’ to what so many relationships end up as, when conversations are bitter and meant to wound. The one in which a rustic rickshaw driver (Purnanand), out of place in the gleaming bar, is willing to pay a girl (Anuradha Mukherjee) just so that he has someone to talk to. A man (Rahul Bagga) dressed as a bridegroom wanders around looking lost till his story arrives, adding a touch of humour and mystery to the proceedings. The acting is uniformly good, with an occasional burst of playing to the gallery.

If the stories are a little predictable, it’s because they are exaggerated versions of reality. The audience laughs uproariously because they have probably been through similar experiences, or know someone who has. Social media is such an important part of life today, that more plays (films, books) revolving around various platforms and apps can be expected. Urban loneliness, the search for love or the avoidance of commitment are now as relatable as walking hand-in-hand into the sunset. Nagpal has captured this reality with sympathy,warmth and a lot humour.

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