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Sophisticated interpreter of sitar

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
By Amarendra Dhaneshwar

Pandit Arvind Parikh is a leading light of music in the city and more so,  the country. It is impossible to believe that he has completed 90 this month; The zest with which he works for the cause of music would shame, embarrass and ultimately inspire those who are half his age. He is a practitioner of music, the most dedicated teacher who finds time to pay attention to over 150 students, office bearer of the Indian Musicological Society and a board member of the Sangeet Research Academy. He is also the moving spirit behind the Music Forum. Above all this, he is the most effective and persuasive spokesperson in the music world. His compassion for musicians of all castes and creed is not only well known but worthy of emulation. That is precisely the reason why he has been at the centre of the music world for well over seven decades.

Pandit Parikh's students organised a splendid show at the P L Deshpande Academy Theatre over the weekend. Warm tributes were paid to the mentor by many of his students. Parikh's daughter Purvi is also his disciple. She gave a brief vocal performance on the occasion. Her 'Bhimpalasi' and 'Dadar' had the imprint of the Kirana school with which Parikh is associated. The tarana in the raga had a distinctive tempo which was indeed unusual and therefore, interesting. Anutosh Degharia on the tabla and Niranjan Lele on the harmonium lent superb support to her.

Arvind Parikh has been a long standing pupil of the sitar maestro Ustad Vilayat Khan. He has not only absorbed the idiom but has also analytically interpreted the same to  others. Creative maestros often accomplish their works of creation and have little time or luxury to explain what they have done or achieved. Sharp minds like the one Parikh has, come forward to interpret and explain the wonders of their creation. Parikh has been the most sophisticated and thorough interpreter of Vilayat Khansaheb's style. His contribution in this regard is immensely valuable.

He has also been a caption of business. His 'Lee & Muirhead' is a blue chip company thanks to his business acumen and understanding of the industry. 'Sangeet Natak Academy' has made a video documentation of his work .The chairperson actor/singer Shekhar Sen interviewed Parikh. Hour long excerpts of the documentary were screened at the function. Parikh's transparency as a musician, businessman and human being came across very well through the interview. It was an affectionate tribute to the venerable teacher by his obedient and loving disciples.

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