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Santoor Maestro Delights

Wednesday, December 26, 2018
By Amarendra Dhaneshwar

Santoor wizard Tarun Bhattacharya is one of the finest instrumentalists of the country. He was in the city for a programme at Cama Hall recently. The Maihar gharana exponent of the santoor was truly in his elements as he unfolded the raga 'Janasammohini' in the evening programme. This raga is of Carnatic origin. It was the great Ravi Shankar who introduced it to  the  Hindstani music lovers.It sounds deceptively close to the raga ' Kalavati'. Tarun played elaborate alaps and jod in the raga. His 'jod' portion is extremely gripping. His interaction with the tabla player Rupak Bhattachrjee was rivetting. The concert also offered an opportunity to draw him our on his future plans.

Based in Calcutta ,he keeps travelling abroad for his performances. He is a frequent flyer to the United States where he proposes to set up the branch of his 'Santoor Ashram'.That is his immediate plan for 2019

'We will be  opening the first ever Centre of Excellence in Los Angeles, state of California, United States of America in 2019. The institution, “Santoor Ashram Foundation for Global Music Promotion”. Maihar Gharana’s only disciple of Bharat Ratna Pdt Ravi Shankar, Pdt Bhattacharya is following footsteps of his master by expanding horizons of Santoor Ashram in the western shores shall try to expand the outreach of Indian classical music and Indian folk music among American population apart from the Indian and South Asian Diaspora. “My target is to reach out to the younger generation of American youth and not only impart musical lessons but also sensitize them about the psychological impact and wellness of mind through the effects and sounds of Raags of Hindustani Classical music.”

He also mentioned that 2018 was one of the high point of his over 40 years of musical journey when he created the latest Raag in Hindustani Classical music, Raag Ganga. The raag has been well received and appreciated by pundits as well as connoisseurs of Indian classical music and many of the experts have critically analyzed the Raag Ganga and deeply appreciated the same.

He said, “I am now deliberately concentrating on expanding the musical horizons across the globe and thinking about the way forward to not only preserve but also expand the base of our musical heritage. So 2018 saw me lesser on stage but more on my contribution towards widening our legacy and heritage of our rich culture of music. I also plan similar initiative in different cities of USA and later European countries as well”. “ I have a few important concerts coming up in early 2019 and then move into the United States of America and unveil the school at LA.”

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