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Mugdha's Impressive Performance

Tuesday, August 15, 2017
By Amarendra Dhaneshwar

Mugdha Samant is a renowned young classical singer who also specialises in forms like Natyageet and Abhang. She is a pupil of Dr Vikas Kashalkar, Dr Veena Sahasrabuddhe and Padma Talwalkar. Mugdha was featured in a recent morning concert at Bandra by the Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House. Devotees of classical music were present in good numbers to cheer the performer who sang with sincerity and supreme confidence.

Mugdha began with the raga 'Bilaskhani Todi '.This raga has a legend associated with it. It is said that the legendary singer Tansen's son composed it looking at the corpse of his illustrious father. The predominant emotion which it generates is of profound sadness. Notes like flat 'rishabh', 'gandhar 'and 'dhaivat' accentuate the pensive mood of the melody. Mugdha has a rounded voice which is also strong. It could evoke the right emotion throughout. She later on switched to the raga 'Alhaiyya Bilawal' which has all natural notes except the descending 'nishad'. She selected the right tempo and the 16-beat 'tilwada'. The concluding 'tarana' was in Persian. It was presented with the requisite verve. Mugdha then sang a devotional 'Marathi abhang' and a stage song which are her special areas of expertise. They were enthusiastically welcomed by the audience. Niranjan Lele on the harmonium and Mandar Puranik on the tabla lent excellent support to the singer.

The Department of Culture of the Government of Maharashtra deserves kudos for remembering the 'Sangeet Surya' Keshavrav Bhosale who strode the stage like a colossus as a contemporary of the legendary 'Balgandharva'. His 137th birth anniversary was observed at the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Sabhagruha. Incidents of his colorful life were narrated and songs associated with his stage persona were sung by Saniya Patankar and Atul Khandekar, among others. The spell binding presentation went on for two uninterrupted hours and the audience was in raptures listening to vintage music presented by the competent and accomplished singers. Harshal Katdare and Rugved Deshpande  lent their support of the on the organ and tabla, respectively.

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