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Malavika's dance tribute

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
By Vijay Shanker

Paramparik Karigar presentation 'Thari the Loom' was performed by Padmashri Malavika Sarukkai and her group at the NCPA Jamshed Bhabha theatre. The program was a fund raiser for the craftsmen, hence a unique and significant dance tribute in the Bharatanatyam style.

The idea germinated when Malavika was reading an article about Kancheepuram silk sarees as to how it is made and prepared by the craftsmen, after working on it for hours together, before the final fabric that ultimately turns out to become Sari, adorned and attired by women all over the world. After working on the idea, finally the dance production Thari (the loom) was formed that practically demonstrates the process, the handwork and the hard work that stretches for hours together with the typical recitation of the 'jathis' with symbolic movements, blending well with rhythmic precision. danced in uniformity with the pattern as to how the fabric is ultimately weaved and formed. With dance choreography by Malavika Sarukkai and creative collaboration by Sumantra Goshal along with superb lighting by Gyan Dev, the dance spectacle actually gives you an insight into the production of the fabric and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

The composition of the loom was by Sai Shravanam, warp and waft by Aditya Prakash and Sari by the veteran C.V. Chandrsekhar. Besides Malaviika, the dancers who danced brilliantly were Jyotsna Jagannathan, Shruthipriya Ravi, Aditya PV, Shreema Upadhyaya and Nidhag Karunad. Besides Thari, other dances were performed by Malavika and the group which were noteworthy for its clarity of movements, synchronization and expressional quality.

The musicians who provided the music were nattuvangam by Srilatha, vocal by Murli Parthsarathy and Aditya Prakash, mridangam by Nellai Balaji, tabla by Sai Shravanam, violin by Srilakshi Vekataraman, veena by Bhavani Prasad, flute by Vishu Vijay, and Sitar by Krishnakumar. On the whole, an innovative and unique presentation.

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