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Kathak takes on a new form

Wednesday, April 04, 2018
By Vijay Shanker

Chhandam Dance Company (Toronto) and Fada Dance presented 'Bardo', a joint Indo- Canadian production that combined kathak with contemporary dance in the theatrical dance style at the NCPA Experimental theatre.

Chhandam was established by veteran kathak exponent Pandit Chitresh Das, who was not only known for his vibrant performances but also had a unique insight for choreography, wherein dancers would intermingle with other art forms like yoga, music, western classical ballet, contemporary dance and much more, in order to give his statement a universal platform of style and presentation.

'Bardo' is a Tibetan Buddhist term  that pertains to life, rebirth and death or in other words two lives. Choreography by Joanna de Souza and Misty Wensel draws the inspiration from the Buddhist term 'Bardo', and moves forward with their choreography that projects the varied facets of life and through the vocabulary of movements that are suggestive, experimental and innovative imparts a new significance to the language of dance and theatre.

Performed by nine dancers and three musicians they make captivating music that takes you to a different world altogether. Although the performance did not last for too long, it was amazing to see how the  dancers, from different nationalities came together to dance and express themselves in perfect symmetry and co-ordination.

All the performers were trained in kathak and made fine use of the rhythmic part with precise footwork and moved artistically to deal with the abstract theme of life and rebirth. Their performance proves the point that they have worked very hard in order to have a fine uniformity, harmony and precision in their presentation.

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