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Holi-based programme still an all-time hit

Wednesday, March 07, 2018
By Amarendra Dhaneshwar

'Udat Abeel Gulal, a theme-based programme of Holi songs and music conceptualised by Snehal Muzoomdar, is one of the all time hit events. It has been going on without a break for the last twenty-four years. That speaks volumes for the success of the programme.

This year the formidable cast included besides santoorist Muzoomdar, shehnai exponent Shailesh Bhagwat and Karnati Veena, exponent of Narayan Moni. The singers were Shailesh Srivaststav who specialises in north Indian folk and regional music as also Shraddha Shridharani and Nupur Joshi. It must be noted that Shraddha Shridharani was recently decorated with Sanskar Vibhushit Award. Muzoomdar Bhagwat and Moni played the raga 'Basant'. The mood and spirit of the raga was celebratory. It was completely in tune with the demands of the occasion. Shraddha and Nupur joined in with 'shlokas' from Kalidas' 'Ritusanhar' The phonetic beauty of Sanskrit nicely gelled with the 'stra'.

Hori, rasiya, haveli pad -- Shailesh Shrivastav, Shraddha Shridharani and Nupur Joshi. The singers also recited pad songs from Haveli Sangeet.
Narayan Moni's 'kritis' were simply engaging. The 'rasiya' is a semi-classicalised folk song. It was wonderfully presented. A colourful song composed by Daraspiya in raga 'Sohini' was also gripping. The percussion instruments included tabla, chenda, pakhavaj, mridangam, ghatam and morsing. The full-to-the-brim auditorium lustily cheered the artistes.

Arvind Mulgaonkar, the great tabla guru passed away this week. He not only preserved the Farrukhabad Ajarada tradition of the  tabla  as propounded by his Ustad Amir Hussain but also interpreted it to the new generations. Prasad Padhye, Sandeep Pawar , Mukta Raste and Tarun Lala  are among his brilliant  students who have made the grade on the professional stage.

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