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Dancers’ homage to the great meastro

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
By Vijay Shanker

In order to observe the 70th birth anniversary ‘Bhavanjalii’ of the great Kathak meastro, Pandit Durgalal of the Jaipur Gharana, Sam Ved organised a programme of classical dances at the Marathi Sahitya Mandir in Vashi. It was interesting to observe the sinceirity and honesty with which the dancers, Sarita Kalele, Mandakaini Trivedi . Ranjith and Vijna (Chennai) offfered their ‘samarpanam’ in their distinct dance styles.

The Sam Ved Society of Performing Arts is headed by accomplished Kathak exponent Uma Dogra who was an ardent disciple of the veteran Kathak exponent Pandit Durgalal. Every year Uma organises the Pandit Durgalal Smruti Samaroh as a tribute to the dynamic mentor.

The programme commenced with the Kathak performance by talented and charming danseuse Sarita Kalele, who is the ardent disciple of Guru Uma Dogra. Sarita Kalele created a lasting impression with her powerful and elegant performance. She danced tal dhamar of 10 beats with precision and performed it effortlessly. The circular movements known as ‘Chakkar’ of 21 circles won her instant appreciation from the audience. Sarita concluded with the Hori number with subtlety and suitable expressions establishing the inter-relationship between Radha and Krishna.

Mohiniattam performance by accomplished danseuse Mandakini Trivedi was unusual in both substance and structure. Mandakini did not dance any traditional numbers but instead performed her own choreography in theatrical dance format, an extract from Karan-Kunti Samvaad that throws an insight into the character of both Karan and Kunti, and their unusual bonding. Madakini concluded with a significant number ‘Poornamidham’ based on the Upanishad. Ranjith and Vijna presented a lively Bharatanatyam performance with the enaction of the dramatic Dashaavatara, Surdas composition ‘Kaun Tu Gori’ and Bhoplam Swaravali which cast a spell on the audience.

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