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Dance fest touches the divine

Wednesday, May 02, 2018
By Vijay Shanker

The Mudra dance festival organised by National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) was held at the Tata Theatre. It was interesting to watch  top dancers perform with lot of enthusiasm and invovlement, establishing their calibre as professional dancers of divine art forms. The first day featured Kathak by Uma Dogra, Bharata Natyam by Dr Sandhya Purecha, fusion of styles by Lata Surendra group and contemporary dance by the veteran Astad Deboo.

The festival started with a brilliant performance by Dr Sandhya Purecha and her students demonstrated the relevance of Nadikesvarao"s Abhinaya Darpana with relevance to the varied bodily movements, "charis" and "sthanakas", concluding with a musical number with enthralling music composed by Sivaramakrishnan. Kathak exponent Uma Dogra tried to connect with the audience through the poem by Indrayani, brilliant dance of the deer couple and the young dancers Ayan and Akhila who depicted various pathos of love but it did not concern child abuse as she proudly proclaimed.

The fusion of different styles reaching out to oneness and the supreme by the Lata Surendra group was the highlight performance of the festival. Lata says "Blissfulness engenders a cosmos, a space, even in a crowd. It is about dancing co-spaces and the entire creative colours and synergies merging on oneness through harmony and what better way to depict it, than through 30 dancers and musicians merging in "Atmaanandam".

The dancers who performed along with Lata in "Setu"- the bridging metaphor, were Manipuri by Latasana, Kathak by Tina Tambe, Sattriya dance by Prateesha Suresh, students of Asha Sunilkumar, male dancers Sunila Sunkara, students of Mayur Vaidya and the contemporary dancer Deep Mehta Diverse dancing of different styles merging in one formed a great spectacle reaching out to the supreme. Kudos to Lata Surendra for the wonderful synchoronisation and harmony.

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