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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1    Shatter the poetic calm to make things difficult (10)
6    Hit copper very loudly (4)
9    Shown the way back by Quentin the crooks wrongdoer (10)
10    One with a furious drive to kill Jezebel? (4)
12    Yielding and making a gift of some territory (6,6)
15    Backs out of Greene's novel (7)
16    Rent man injured in scrap (7)
17    Feeling more drawn to someone now that the ice has been broken? (7)
19    Terrible smear on this Italian seaside place (3,4)
20    One (6,2,4)
23    Country in the Wuthering Heights region (4)
24    Purify her lion act by making changes (10)
25    Two can play one (4)
26    Rich man's food brought up at a Lincoln address (10)

1    Secret message governing behaviour? (4)
2    Spot the burrowing mammal (4)
3    The area between flights and the competition on the aerodrome (7,5)
4    Relations or just us in the money (7)
5    South American finch-like bird makes this significant contribution to later Montana gerontology (7)
7    One in France was learned but had not been taught (10)
8    It might be fun to aid on this basis (10)
11    American high school dance on conservatives' headlands (12)
13    Kind of loaf some prefer to make toast? (5,5)
14    Actually working as a doctor? (2,8)
18    Foreign investigator has to turn up earth by eucalypti (7)
19    Discover South American naval vessel abroad (4,3)
21    Balladeer given upper class title in India (4)
22    Threat to shipping in October gales (4)

1 Brace of shakes, 10 Satin, 11 Beethoven, 12 Enactment, 13 Stowe, 14 Skewing, 16 Emersed, 18 Risotto, 20 Sighted, 22 Peals, 24 Old weapon, 26 Extradite, 27 Adobe, 28 Advertisement.

DOWN: 2 Rat race, 3 Constrict, 4 Ombre, 5 Sweet-peas, 6 Athos, 7 Envious, 8 Asset stripper, 9 On bended knees, 15 Geologist, 17 Eagle farm, 19 Started, 21 Typhoon, 23 Shave, 25 Dregs.

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