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What the BMC report says...

Saturday, March 16, 2019
Photographs by Azad Shrivastav

The Structural Auditors were appointed by MCGM to carry out structural audit of various Bridges in City1 Division including the Bridge under subject matter. The Work Order was issued to the Consultants on 18.10.2016. From the reports it is observed that inspection was carried out on 26.12.2016 by the Consultants.
Further Tests required for conditional assessment of the Bridge work were carried out on 4.07.17 and the final report was submitted to MCGM on 13.08.2018.

The Consultant has wrongly shown the year of construction of bridge in Proforma VI of the report as 1998, whereas, it has been informed that the construction took place somewhere in 1984-1986. From the Bridge Inspection Report it is observed that the Structural Auditor has separately assessed the conditions of super structure, foundations and substructure. As per categorization done by him all the structural members of superstructure for the bridge are marked as number 1 (i.e. Good), for the condition of paint, joints, detection, cracks, spalling. Further, for the corrosion assessment in TRUSS 1, TRUSSZ and other defects the Consultant has marked as, to be monitored in next inspection. Subsequently, consultant has conducted tests of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test (UPV), Rebound Hammer Test, Carbonation Test,

Thickness measurement of Steel members by ultrasonic Gauge, Dye Penetration Test on steel members.

Based on the above tests, the Auditor has concluded that the concrete quality is classified as 'Good' as per UPV Test. Most of the Test results of Rebound Hammer Test range in concrete grade from M20 to M30. As per Dye Penetration Test, conducted on the steel members are found to be 'OK' without any surface defects like cracks, voids etc. Further, the Auditor vide his note dt. 6.08.2018 has submitted a ?nal report for the 39 bridges in City Zone South. wherein he has given findings in the form of categories of these Bridges as G for G, Minor Repairs as MR, Major Repairs as MJR and Demolition & Repairs as D&R. The Department-of Bridges has reported that G category is for Bridges in 'Good' condition. The report concluded by stating that prima-facie it is reasonably concluded that the structural audit is not carried out correctly and major lapses are observed in conducting the Structural Audit of the Bridge on the background of sudden collapse of the Bridge on 14.03.2019 i.e. within a short period of submission of the report on 13.08.2018. In view of the above, suitable action against the Structural Auditor for his casual approach while performing the structural audit is proposed. In the matter of MCGM staff, the following points are observed - The Bridge department has provided the details of work carried out for CSMT Bridge in the bi-annual contracts for the year 2012-2014.M/s.R.P.S. Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. has carried out the structural repairs to the said Bridge and action to be initiated against the contractor M/s.RPS Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd. by issuing show-cause notice for sub-standard work of repair to the Footover Bridge carried out in the year 2012-2014."

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