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TrainMe - a mobile application that brings fitness instructors to your doorstep

Thursday, October 12, 2017
By A Staff Reporter

Addressing the concerns of thousands of Mumbaikars with respect to their fitness goals, TrainMe, a mobile application that aims to redefine convenience and customization in health regimens by making it easier to seek personal instructions from fitness experts has been launched. As a result of release of this app, people working at erratic hours, living or working in areas with no access to good fitness centres and who are  concerned by the high fees charged by most centres for personal trainers will now be able to take care of their health and fitness, courtesy TrainMe.

Speaking about the launch, Ramesh Gajria, Owner of TrainMe says, “Time, convenience and money are the biggest challenges that face an average Mumbaikar on their path to fitness; that is what my experience working with patrons across age-groups and geographies over the years has taught me. TrainMe, based on my learnings, is a solution devised to provide the customer with complete flexibility where they are able to book a workout session at any place they wish to without having to visit a gym or fitness centre. Once the workout has been booked, a TrainMe fitness associate arrives within 30 minutes and guides the member through the workout. All this happens directly through the TrainMe app and details of each workout is fed into the member’s profile by the instructor so that the next session can begin exactly where the last one ended.”

Booking an appointment is a simple five-step process:

  • Step 1 – Download the app (two trial sessions free),
  • Step 2 – Create your own profile by keying in important statistics such as weight, height and fitness goal,
  • Step 3 – Book an appointment at any place of the user’s convenience such as home or office,
  • Step 4 – Closest and most appropriate fitness expert is deputed for the session, and
  • Step 5 – The app engine accordingly sets a custom workout routine and the trainer allocated for that workout can automatically view the individual’s workout routine as well as past trainers’ observations on his or her partner’s application.

The reason TrainMe is offering two free sessions to every new member is so that they can understand the safety and efficiency of the workout and the service.

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