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Monday, April 16, 2018

Real voices of Mumbai

Do you think the Central Railway will extend local train platforms and buy new coaches?

Irfan Multani

I think Mumbaikars would be grateful if they do so because considering the population growth in our city, we need it badly. Commuters are daily having to face problems, specially in the evenings. This plan can ease the crowd problems, specially for those who reach their homes late due to low passenger capacity.

Santosh Todkar

This would be a development towards congestion-free and convenience travel for the general public and is bound to make travelling easy. Often families and senior citizens face difficulties reaching their compartments during peak hours. The augmentation of coaches may solve this problem.
Moosa Khan

I think specially on the Central and Western lines, where sometimes the crowd goes out of control during peak hours, this railway project would prove to be a welcome relief. Extension of coaches would mainly reduce the crowd on stations, specially in the rainy season.

Kalpesh Patil

Yes, extending the platform and augmentation of coaches has been the need of local commuters for years. It is a good thing that the Railway is focussing on all basic problems instead of advertising on bullet train. The railways should strive to spread the progressive work all over the country.

Shahzad Anjum

I think extending coaches is good for commuters but the plan of extending platforms would create some temporary problems which the commuters should take in their stride, because it is all for our own convenience and proper use of public money.

Shivkumar Shukla
Content Writer

I think controlling the commuter crowd by extending platforms and coaches is a temporary solution because Mumbai is the biggest hub for jobs in our nation. A huge number of people come here for jobs and education from all over the world. After some years, this problem may be redoubled hence the government should also create such jobs and education hubs in other metro cities.

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