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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Real voices of Mumbai

Do you think Valentine’s Day has become more commercial and less a celebration of love?

Hasan Vohra

This is true because as soon as Valentine’s Day comes to mind people run to buy gifts. Celebrating love doesn't only mean that you buy gifts for your loved one on that particular day. It has definitely become more commercial and less a celebration of love.

Aakash Wadal

Yes, nowadays if you see in the newspaper you will see only sales advertisements with Valentine’s Day messages. Earlier it was not the case. It was celebrated in a simple way. But now it is commercialised beyond limits.

Sonal Karolia

Yes, that is true. It is an overrated concept. Gift shops and media have hyped it into a big day. Advertising about the gifts on social media as well as online shopping websites has made it more commercial. Love should be celebrated every day and not only on a specific day.

Animish Raje
(Business adviser)

Yes, since we are in a new generation dominated by social media, we have started to believe that it is more of a trend and thus, the price of gifts and other materials are related to the same.

Uzma Keruwala
(Marketing consultant)

Nowadays, people have a mentality that the more expensive the gift is, the more love and care it will showcase towards their mates. It has become more of a social status rather than a pure feeling and cheap thrills have become myths.

Sharvari Saraf
(Law student)

Yes, I do agree that people have lost the actual feel of the day. With the era of modernisation and modern society around our thought process, feelings and love are also changing. People find love to be a way to pass time for a day or just for February 14, which in the other sense, has led to the commercialisation of the day.

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