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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Real voices of Mumbai

Do you think seminars have turned into a tool for colleges to better their ratings?

Urmi Kalyanpur

Yes, surely. Nowadays colleges hold seminars at regular intervals to ensure they get publicity. They call a highly qualified individual to give a lecture on a particular topic. By doing this, the rating of that particular college surely goes up. By doing this they are likely to get more admissions.

Fatima Jamali

Arranging seminars definitely helps in getting additional knowledge on the topics in the syllabus. It also helps the students to get better, with an all-round development. So, seminars are definitely a big positive for colleges and institutions.

Gauri Waghmare

Absolutely! Colleges which do not have good facilities with other factors that are more important, look to guests for seminars and lectures. More than benefiting the students, they think of raising the bar to collect more money as the base logic.

Farhat Shaikh

Seminars are the best tool for the intellectual. It is helpful for the researchers to present their papers. If colleges promote such seminars, automatically they get recognition as a research institute. Hence this increases their ratings.

Anuja Nigre

According to me, the seminar and conferences are part of quality assurance measures taken by colleges for the benefit of the college, as well as the students. Because of the seminars, the students are able to get more knowledge in various fields from the experts which is a good learning tool for them with regards to academics as well as their future. So, I don't think it is just a tool for colleges to better ratings.

Mahesh Wagh

Seminars are the need of the hour. We should give more emphasis to research. If seminars will be made a parameter for ratings of colleges then it would be a great step. I don't think seminars have been turned into a tool for colleges for better ratings yet.

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