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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Real voices of Mumbai

Do you think that the Bombay HC should set a precedent by awarding strict punishment and imprisoning owners of places where deaths due to fire have taken place?

Urvashi Tiwari
PR professional

Yes, I certainly feel that violators should be jailed as this will set an example for those who think they can get away with it. They must know that there are repercussions and there must be a regard for law. Some accountability has to be there.

Jahan Pestonjamas
Agricultural Entrepreneur

Yes, I think a strong precedent is important and required because without establishing fear in entrepreneurs and enterprises and increasing liability on the owners to meet safety norms and be compliant with basic safety, something was largely ignored for quite some time. Precedent establishes a higher norm and standard for people to meet which in turn will prevent incidents like these.  

Sonika Chaudhry
Make-up Artist

There should absolutely be a strong precedent. But we see the BMC only accepts bribes and allows these establishments to come up and then when a tragedy strikes they will go and demolish it. There must be punishments, either jail term or monetary. Dead people will not come back, but the least we can do is to establish strong measures to prevent such brazen violations and illegal constructions.

Makarand Waskar
Audit Manager

It depends on a particular situation. If the restaurant is an entirely fire proof restaurant, then be it on a rooftop or anywhere, and still there is a fire, then no, I don't think the owners of the restaurant should be held responsible in any way. However, if the owner has not looked into the safety aspect, then yes, at a certain point, a strong precedent is required.

Ashish Gujral

Yes, I think it is high time that the owners should be held responsible and should be imprisoned so that everyone tends to take the law seriously. The Kamala Mills case is a clear example of how wrong doers are on the run because their carelessness has led to a loss of lives.

Shreeya Khadye

Well, it depends upon the safety of the place. If the particular place is fire proof and still catches fire, then I do not think that the owners of such places should be held responsible. But, if they have been careless with the safety, then the Bombay HC should set a precedent by awarding them imprisonment.

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