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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Real voices of Mumbai

Do you think the odd-even rule (used in Delhi) should apply in Mumbai too, in order to curb traffic and air pollution?

Nayan Kothari

No, I don't think it would be a solution because it does not work even for Delhi, as far as curbing traffic and air pollution is concerned. More thoughtful solutions would be required for Mumbai for sure.

Urmi Kalyanpur

Yes, surely it will help to curb traffic especially in the suburbs and now, with metro work going on in the town area, the congestion of traffic has increased.

Sneha Singh

According to me, the odd-even rule should apply in Mumbai too as the main reason in Mumbai for noise and air pollution is traffic. If this rule is applied in Mumbai, it definitely will help curb traffic and air pollution.

Sumedh Pakhidde
(Media person)

Yes, these days traffic is the main problem in every metro city. Odd and even, no pattern will help reduce the number of vehicles on road and space for parking too. The government should cancel the permits of vehicles running for 20 years and above, which create pollution a whole lot more than the other vehicles.

Gaurav Ruke
(Executive- Digital service)

Traffic has become a major problem in Mumbai. Whether it is a weekend or working day, it doesn't matter. Actually, the odd-even rule isn't a bad idea, but the BMC should provide proper public transport first, so the public can travel at ease, and private cars and bikes will be a second choice for us.

Nitin Walekar

No, this formula cannot be successful in Mumbai. The implementation of the plan has been scrapped by the Delhi government, so there are so many things that may change in future. In addition, both Mumbai and Delhi are different in terms of the population, regional, social and industrial areas. So, things that are implemented in Delhi may not necessarily prove to work out successfully in Mumbai.

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