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Segregate waste or face action: BMC to citizens

Friday, April 21, 2017
By A Staff Reporter

After failing to abide for the first time, Mahim residents get a second notice to segregate waste into wet and dry

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has now made it compulsory for G North residents to segregate their waste into wet and dry before the civic body picks it up. The BMC recently issued second notice to the residents of all societies in Mahim west. Failing to abide by the notice the civic body has warned of taking action under Section 471 of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (MMC) Act, 1888.

The G North ward's Solid Waste Management department issued notices to all the residential complexes in Mahim west. The civic body issued second notice under Section 368 of the MMC Act, 1888. Failure to comply with the notice within eight days will make the societies and tenancy buildings liable for prosecution under Section 471 of the MMC Act, following which the BMC may even stop collecting the garbage from the societies. The notice specifies that wet garbage should be put in green containers for Biodegradable Waste which includes kitchen waste (tea leaves, egg shells, fruits and vegetables, meat and bones, garden and leaf litter including flowers, animals litter, soiled paper, house dust, coconut shells, ashes etc) and dry waste in white containers (which includes newspapers, books and magazines, glass metal object, andwire, plastic, cloth rags, leather, rexine, rubber, wood/ furniture, packaging etc).

The segregation of waste is the utmost priority of BMC. The notices revealed that waste should be segregated and given to separate vehicles. Failure to comply to this will attract fines varying from Rs 100 to Rs 10,000.

Every day, 7,800 metric tonnes of garbage is generated in the city, most of it is unsegregated. The BMC carries it to three dumping grounds at Deonar, Mulund and Kanjurmarg but is unable to process it.

Ragpickers sometimes burn garbage to collect usable material from it. A few months ago, a similar act allegedly caused a major blaze at the Deonar dumping ground. Officials said waste segregation at the source point will reduce burden on dumping grounds and help them develop a better wastemanagement system.

According to rules, if the residents do not follow these instructions even after they are served notices, they will be fined.

The process of segregation is as simple as its definition. It can be easily carried out at home by using two dustbins – one for dry waste and the other for wet waste. Dry waste (non-biodegradable) follows a completely different process of recycling from wet waste (biodegradable). Start segregating waste in the kitchen dustbin and move on to the rest of the house.

Segregation is the separation of biodegradable waste from non-biodegradable waste for proper disposal and recycling. Improper segregation may cause mixing in landfills. This in turn, can lead to toxic release in the ground and eventual contamination of ground water. Methane gas is likely to be released in such circumstances, which is one of the most harmful greenhouse gases.

Proper segregation leads to proper recycling. Most of the waste can be reused and recycled. However, improper segregation process can cause many things to be left out from the recycling process.

What most of us don't realise is that unsegregated waste from households is sorted by rag pickers. They segregate waste with their bare hands. Often glass and other waste objects may cause cuts and bruises and also infection leading to severe illnesses.

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