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Police use social networking sites for info on man who committted suicide at Worli Sealink

Thursday, October 12, 2017
By Tariq Khan

Worli police has started checking missing persons complaints and provided details on Social networking sites after they have found body of a 40-year-old unidentified man who jumped off the Bandra-Worli sealink on Monday night at 9.30 pm. His body was recovered late on Monday, and is yet to be identified. The Worli police has registered an Accidental Death Report (ADR). According to police sources, the taxi driver Shamshuddin Shikalkar, is being questioned for stopping the car on the sealink.The Worli police said, “ We are sending his pics in several whatsapp groups, Facebook and others social media,  police and also a team of ours started searching details of missing complaints registered in the last two days in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai  and others.”

Also using our male and female informers because our first priority is to identify the  victim.For forty minutes, the deceased kept traveling to and fro on the Bandra-Worli Sealink trying to make up his mind to commit suicide. However, on the fourth round on the Sealink, the man asked his taxi driver to stop and jumped off the bridge on Monday night.According to the Worli police, the man who still remains unidentified  hailed a taxi from Haji Ali at 7.30pm and asked the cab driver to drive to Bandra through the Sealink. The taxi driver in his statement to the police as the only eyewitness of the case, said that when they had crossed the Sealink, the passenger asked him to stop in front of the Lilavati Hospital. The passenger however did not get off which the taxi driver found suspicious.

“After thinking in the  halted cab for a few minutes ,the passenger asked the cab driver to take a U-turn and go towards Worli again,” said a police officer from the Worli police station.

Gajanan Desurkar, senior police inspector of Worli police station said that, after reaching the Worli Seaface, the man ordered the taxi driver to go towards Bandra again. The taxi driver suspected foul play but followed the order and took him to the Bandra side of the sealink. This time too, the man did not leave the cab and told the driver to go back again. “The taxi driver said that all this while, the passenger paid for the toll each time they crossed the sealink,” added Desurkar.    

This time however when the taxi was reaching Worli, the passenger told the driver that he wanted to relieve himself. The taxi driver refused to stop on the sealink but the passenger insisted saying that it was urgent. “As the taxi driver stopped the car, the man got off and approached the bridge. The man then climbed the railing and jumped off in the water.The police alerted the fire brigade officials who reached there and began the search operations however since it was dark and cloudy they were unable to continue the operation.On early Tuesday morning, the body of the man was fished out from the Worli side of the bridge but without his pants.The police sent the body to the Nair Hospital for post mortem and registered a case of accidental death. “We have not found any wallet or other document on the man,” said Desurkar.

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