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'Other's Eyes'

Friday, October 12, 2018
By Clyde Crasto

When we come into this world at birth, we have no knowledge of our surroundings, everything is unknown to us. As we grow older we get to know or are made aware of life’s ways and means. Knowledge of everything connected to life is imparted to us by others through different forms and mediums. Our parents are our first teachers and as we age we meet various people who then become our source of knowledge and understanding.

While we go through this process, we tend to get influenced by the people who teach and guide us. The ones who usually influence us the most are our parents. For us they end up being right about everything because they are the ones who lay the foundation of many aspects of life that are unknown to us. From our homes we then branch out to school, college and various other institutions that mould us and are responsible for what we become as human beings. Like our parents, there are many other individuals that influence us in our journey through life and sometimes we get so impressed by these people that we believe in everything they say or do. For us they mean a lot and we then begin to judge life according to them. We start looking at the world through their eyes, not in the literal sense but yes what they see, perceive and judge becomes our opinion and understanding too. ‘Other’s Eyes’ become our window to everything in this world.

Looking at the world through Other’s Eyes can be both good and bad. If someone understands and judges the world positively and you imbibe those thoughts and deeds then it is good, not just for you but also the ones around you. It helps you succeed and makes life easier. To explain this, a common example that comes to mind is when somebody is looking to employ someone and if he/she is recommended by someone who has judged the person well; it helps because you then do not need to go through the long process of knowing that person.

But what I want to highlight is the bad side of looking at the world through other’s eyes. This is something that we experience very often and sometimes by the time we realise the truth, it gets too late and things go wrong.

Many a times the people we trust or are influenced by make us believe in certain things that may not be right. Because these people have been with us and guided us when we were learning, we trust them completely. Questioning them even when we are not sure, does not come naturally to us; it is just human nature that makes us follow them blindly. When this happens we begin to misunderstand certain people for no fault of theirs and it makes us think that they are wrong or are not nice people.

This is not our judgement but it has been fed into our minds by the ones we have faith in. They may have certain differences and problems with that person and therefore they go around telling us things that gives the other person a bad name. Everyone may not believe them but the ones who trust them, believe what they say is the truth. I have experienced this too, but there are times when I have tried to understand why the other person is wrong and to my surprise I have found out that actually that person is right, it was the ulterior motive of the one I trusted who made me believe otherwise.

We cannot blame ourselves because it is our faith in them that makes us believe that way. But in my opinion we should always try and find out the truth, make sure we do not listen to just one side of the story. Sometimes a lie that is a make belief can lead us into trouble and can break relationships. Just because someone is responsible for your well-being does not mean they are right always. They could make you believe things that may not be correct. You too must judge things from your own point of view, whether good or bad. People may tell you that something is good when it is actually bad and vice-versa only to suit them.

Therefore I strongly believe that one must always look at the world through one’s own eyes and not through, ‘Other’s Eyes’.

(When he is not busy translating political jargon into words, this Political Spokesperson and Interior Designer is penning down some fantastic thoughts.Now as a writer, Clyde Crasto expresses his thoughts and experiences in words for The Afternoon D&C)
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