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'Maybe, for yourself'

Friday, July 13, 2018
By Clyde Crasto

As humans we have a tendency to do things in our lives that are beneficial to ourselves or for people who are our own. There are also people who do things that benefit others too but mostly it is human nature to first do it for ourselves and for our own. We go out of our way to make sure we achieve what we want and sometimes it gets a little out of hand and what we do, can be termed as being ‘selfish’. It is a term that is used on someone who shows concern for one’s own self and not for the needs and feelings of the ones not connected or associated with them.

This nature and behaviour by individuals can get negative and could affect the lives of others around them. It is okay to do things for one’s own self but when needed, one should also show a ‘selfless’ attitude towards people by helping or aiding them when required. A selfless act towards fellow beings will always give you love and respect from them and will also give you the satisfaction of being a good person.

But there are many people in this world that we all have met and have had experiences where, whatever may be the reason or situation; these individuals will only want to do things for themselves and for their near and dear ones. They will never make an effort or show any concern for the society. For them, it does not matter if bad happens around them, as long as it is not their issue, they turn a blind eye to it. For instance, if there is a situation that could cause an accident or damage something, you will find a lot of us trying to help but these people will look away.

An example that comes to mind is -- during the monsoon, the weather can get very windy and we notice that sometimes the tin roofs on top of some houses or on balconies in buildings around us become loose and start shaking and rattling. Sometimes the sound is very loud and even if you are a few buildings away you can hear it. These roofs sometimes come off and fly away causing damage around them. It could damage anything around us and can also hurt people. Some of us take the effort to bring it to the notice of people whose roofs they are or maybe even inform the fire brigade to take necessary action and avoid an accident or damage. But many a times there are people who do not bother about this and even tell you, “Why are you bothered, it does not affect you”.

What I wish to tell these people is that, the point you make is noted but the effort we take can save someone or something, so why not do it? Also another point I want to make to such people who think like this is that, give it a thought, you may be far away from that roof and it may not be yours but what if that roof flies off due to heavy winds and comes and lands on you or someone known to you while passing by? What if it lands on your car?

This is possible. So if you do not want to do it for others then, ‘Maybe, for yourself’. Though I am not in favour of the thought that you do these acts just for yourself but just a message for many people who think only about themselves and for their own good that, sometimes the selfish attitude can cause unforeseen harm to you and by the time you realise or try to correct it, it may be too late.We all should try and turn this selfish attitude into a positive one. Maybe we must try and bring together both the ‘selfish’ and ‘selfless’ attitude and behaviour of people, so that it can benefit not just ourselves but also the society in general. Even if you don’t want to do it, just think of it this way that, though it does not concern me, it may harm me.

I would still like to end by saying that, though I did say, one should do good things – ‘Maybe for yourself’ but I very strongly believe that, it is always better to do it -- ‘ For yourself and for others too’

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