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Lina Bilkha - A beauty with brains

Monday, February 11, 2019
By Devika Patel

Our in-house former pageant queen and member of social scene royalty, Devika Patel is more than just finesse and finer things. This Mumbai lover is a former Film Censor Board member and Sociology  graduate. She welcomes readers to her favourite corner  in The Afternoon DC where she chats with friends and fabulous folk

An exceptionally beautiful woman, Lina has the brains to match. She is the daughter of a banker Prithviraj Nangia who moved from Lahore to Calcutta post partition. She was born in Calcutta, but her father being a senior person in The Reserve Bank of India moved around a lot. That made here well-versed with different cultures, food habits and languages in India. That's how her interest in Linguistics grew which finally shaped her future.  She went to a boarding school in Nainital, returned to Mumbai and studied in the Elphinstone College. She majored in German and Psychology. Then she did her Master's in German and Linguistics. After that, she taught German language in the Mumbai University for two years.

Eventually she got married to a hot-shot cricketer from the state of Bilkha, Yajurvendra Singh.

Amongst the Rajput community, he was a great catch being a top level sportsman  - a cricketer and a true blooded prince and not an extended claimant of a princely family 'Bhaiyat'. She said that her background was culturally different. Like she said, "Within the background that I came from, people thought I was really selling myself short by marrying him. Coming from a family and background where academics and values were the most important things, they felt that a cricketer and a prince would be like a sailor with a girl in every port. A lot of convincing by Sunny, (as Yajurvendra is popularly known) finally won them around.

“'Interesting' I thought to myself as I started firing my questions. "You married one of the most coveted bachelors of your times. There must have been a lot of jealousy. How did you cope with the green eyed monster?"

“Yes, he was a big catch in the Rajput community.  I went through a lot of backbiting and Zenana politics in palaces. I was too strong a woman to let it get to me and I had a wonderful man by my side who always took up for me, no matter what. I was doing so many things and my husband and my education made me rise above all this."

"You come from a well-educated family of very intelligent people. After marriage did you have to cope with any sub-intelligent morons?"

“I had to deal with people who had their own set of ideas about the outside world and would refuse to budge.”

“How would you describe yourself in one word,” I asked.

“Caring,” She said almost immediately.

“With your kind of beauty, you must have had many suitors. Anyone worth talking about?”I asked.

"Too many to mention," is all that she said.

"What do you value the most in life?," I wanted to know.

"I value kindness, friendship, forgiveness. Never harming and hurting anyone in word or deed and above all, never taking what is not mine is very important to me.”

"You have a young daughter who, like you is pretty and intelligent. What kind of a husband would you like her to have?" Her daughter is beautiful like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. Pat came the reply, "Someone who is well educated, has a good value system and a doer. "

Now, I started my regular queries. "What are the things that upset you?"

Her reply had a human angle . "Backbiting, rudeness, people mistreating people of a lower economic or a social class."

What do you do then; Which is your sad corner?"I asked.

"I withdraw into myself and become silent wherever I am. I do not communicate with people because I have to deal with it myself."

"What makes you happy? Which is your happy corner?" was my predictable next question.

"If my family that is my husband and my daughter are happy, I am happy. Wherever I sit with them and share laughter, is my happy corner," said the lovely lady.

Hi Friends! Each of us has that one corner where we feel happy, comfortable and most importantly, secure. The corner can be a physical corner like a part of your home say, a window, a balcony, a garden and so on. It can be a restaurant where you enjoy your favourite food or a resort where you can relax and be at peace with yourself. It can be an ashram or a pub, a mountain or a beach. Your favourite corner may even change from time to time depending on various factors. I shall periodically introduce you to people from different walks of life and their special nooks that make them who they are.
 - Devika

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