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A walk & talk with Mumbaikars

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
By Shaiber Raichur

Citizen Walk

In this new series, The Afternoon D&C catches up with the regular folk of Mumbai as they make their way, to and fro, from office and school to face the challenges of poor civic infrastructure

Rajan Karnik, a resident of Badlapur, is a property visitor by profession at a real estate agency in Kalyan but because of site visits Karnik has to travel all over Mumbai.

According to Karnik, "Badlapur is a peaceful place to reside, however, when it comes to travelling by train from Badlapur,  it's very difficult as the crowd in Badlapur is increasing every day".

Speaking with 'The Afternoon D&C', Karnik, said, "My office is in Kalyan and to go for site visits I have to travel all over Mumbai, it can be the Central line, Harbour line, or Western line. I don't have fixed office timings so I visit my office daily at 10 am and then go for site visits.”

Speaking about his travel experience and the civic issues he faces while travelling, Karnik, said, "The crowd in Badlapur is rising due to which many issues arise like we see at Badlapur station the crowd is so much that people don't even have a place to stand on the platform. And when the train arrives they try to get inside the train in an  unruly manner. While getting inside the train the people only think about getting a place to sit, they don't even think if anyone is getting hurt or falling down while getting inside the train or out of it. The Badlapur crowd is the worst, specifically the women who just fight with each other and push each other for getting a place to sit on the train.

“Another problem at Badlapur station is that there is only one escalator on platform Number 3 and there is none at platform Number 1, so instead of climbing stairs and crossing the bridge people try to cross the railway track, which is very dangerous and most of the time while people cross the railway tracks express trains cross by platform Number 3, hence many accidents happen. If an escalator is built on platform Number 3 then the crowd will cross the bridge instead of crossing railway tracks.

Crowd at Badlapur station

“The Badlapur roads are also the worst. They roads are covered with potholes everywhere and as the monsoon has arrived there is waterlogging at most of the places in Badlapur.

“Another issue is that the number of autos has increased a lot in the city as the concerned authorities are giving permits to almost everybody. The autorickshaw drivers park their autos near the station due to which people find it very difficult to walk near the station premises.

“Speaking about the new seating arrangements in the new local trains in the Central line, I must tell you that most of the trains don't have seats on one side so it is very difficult for commuters who travel from Badlapur to CSTM as they have to go standing all the way.

“Half of the crowd gets down at Kalyan and then again the same number gets in, due to which the problem increases. The railway authorities should try to increase the frequency of the trains. As the monsoon has arrived there are many issues happening where the trains are delayed by two to three hours due to which the crowd increases. As the electricity in the cities is being cut due to heavy rains there are no streetlights and hence the people find it very difficult to walk on the streets at night.

“The potholes are not filled yet, not only in Badlapur but also in many places in Mumbai. Another major issue is the garbage problem as there is no solid waste management in many places the garbage can be see floating on the roads on rainy days.

People crossing railway track at Badlapur

“As I mostly travel by train and bus, if the train or bus gets delayed then it affects my schedule a lot. Being a common man I cannot afford daily travelling by cab or in my own vehicle.  These are the basic issues we are raising our voice against for a very long time but the authorities are neglecting it.”

Karnik concluded by saying: "I travel daily all over Mumbai and what I feel is be it Badlapur or Dadar or any part of Mumbai, the issues the common people face are the same, however, instead of the issues being solved or remedied the problems are persisting. The concerned authorities should try to solve these issues as soon as possible. It's high time that the government provide us with safe and comfortable transportation to travel".

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