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A walk & talk with Mumbaikars

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
By Shaiber Raichur

Citizen Walk

In this new series, The Afternoon D&C catches up with the regular folk of Mumbai as they make their way, to and fro, from office and school to face the challenges of poor civic infrastructure

Rahul Kadam is a resident of Vikhroli and a celebrity bouncer by profession. Kadam has to travel all over Mumbai for his work. Speaking with The Afternoon D&C, Kadam said, "Our lives are not easy as we have to protect celebrities from lakhs of people around them every day and for that we need energy, however, due to poor civic issues we waste our energy while traveling, hence we don't have energy left in us for work".

I reside in Vikhroli and my work destination is not fixed, as when I get a call from the office to go for an event or for shooting or some outdoor work with celebrities my schedule is accordingly made. I leave my residence early in the morning. In Mumbai, there are three major problems – crowd, traffic and potholes.

While traveling by train or when waiting for a train on the railway platform, the crowd is unmanageable. In the morning the crowd increases rapidly and trains are fully packed which sometimes leads to arguments and fights between passengers. As the population is increasing the authorities should try to manage the crowd so that the issues will be less and the people will not find it difficult to travel. The frequency of trains should be increased so that the people will get a proper place to sit, solving half the problems. I travel every day by train and most of the time I don't get a place to sit,  the new trains in the Central line are good but the seating arrangement is not proper and the seats in the train are not comfortable, many people agree with this.

The railway platforms are not maintained properly, and in some places, even if authorities keep the platform clean, people throw litter here and there. If we want the public places to be clean then we must first take the initiative. The roads are not maintained properly, the condition of roads are very poor as there are potholes all over, unfortunately, many accidents happen and vehicles also get damaged.

It is true that if you want to survive in Mumbai one should get used to potholes. Now the monsoon is near and the concerned authorities should clear the potholes issue.

I have noticed often that there is repair work going on at many places in the city in particular lanes or roads and hence people don't have a proper place to walk so while doing this the authorities should provide some alternative option for pedestrians to walk.

Last, but not the least, is the traffic. The traffic plays a vital role in Mumbai and Mumbai streets will never be free, as they are 24X7 busy. Traffic is a major issue in Mumbai, however, if the traffic is maintained properly at each and every signal, with the authorities being  present personally then the traffic can be controlled and there will be no traffic issues in Mumbai.

For every Mumbaikar, every day seems to be a big challenge as we travel every day and face a host of poor civic issues. Buses are never on time, at some places the frequency of the buses is very less. While traveling in the train heaps of garbage can be spotted alongside the tracks. The garbage should be cleared as they can spark diseases in nearby localities.

Kadam concluded by saying. "The issues are very serious, however, the authorities are not taking it seriously. Traveling should be safe and comfortable but here everything is opposite.

Concerned authorities should try to improve civic issues and fix  problems as soon as possible so that the citizens can travel tension free."

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